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Journalist, Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer, World Traveler…

Pedro was born in Durango, México. He is a journalist, filmmaker, writer and photographer mostly interested in social and human right issues.

He’s been in the news media for over 25 years and has covered news events in the USA, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. He has been nominated several times to the prestigious Emmy awards.

As a world traveler, he has visited more than 60 countries.



“No corro para sumar medallas, corro porque correr es comprar más días y años de vida. Es una forma de ganar salud física y mental, y eso revitaliza”.

Pedro Ultreras About Running Marathons

"Hice el documental para tratar de despertar un sentimiento que origine un debate que favorezca a los indocumentados de nuestros países vecinos."

Pedro Ultreras About 'The Beast"

"La gente sabe que murieron 49 niños en 2009; pero desconocen muchas situaciones que rodean la tragedia..."

Pedro Ultreras About 'ABC Nunca Más' documentary




The largest child tragedy in the history of Mexico, not only marked the lives of 49 families who lost their sons in the fire at the ABC day care, but of an entire nation.

Following the incident, parents of deceased and injured children in the fire seek to rebuild their lives while seeking justice. 

This documentary lets us know the story of two families that to overcome the loss took refuge in love and try to have children again but depression and age threaten their hopes.

The search for happiness joins the fight to bring justice to those responsible for the tragedy that Mexicans mourned. The ABC fire incident is plagued by corruption, negligence and influence peddling, which also involves powerful figures in Mexican politics and society.

For almost two decades, thousands of Central Americans have lost their dreams and lives trying to cross illegally the Mexican territory hanging from the cargo trains known as “The Beast”.

They travel thousands of kilometers to get to the Mexico-USA border. Exhausted from the journey, hunger and climatic conditions immigrants often fall into the wheels of the trains, which mutilate and kill.

‘The Beast’ as this mode of transportation has become known, is the most viable alternative when crossing a country filled with immigration checkpoints, thieves, Mexican mafia members and authorities who often rob them and kill them.

In order to film this documentary, Pedro Ultreras risked his own life by riding this cargo trains across Mexico with hundreds of Central American migrants for more than two weeks. The Beast, is a heart breakingfilm that shows the most profound suffering a migrant can ever live.

A story yanked out of the desert’s soul. Based on true facts and heartbreaking testimonies, Pedro Ultreras successfully portrays the exhausting struggle that takes place every day between hopeful immigrants and a merciless desert.

7 Soles’ human and realistic account becomes the voice of people around the world who, together, demand that tragedies in the Arizona desert cease to be ignored.

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Pedro is an avid marathon runner who likes to participate in marathons around the world. Follow him on his Social Media accounts to get the latests updates on his next challenge!

Great Wall Marathon

May 21st, 2016.